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Heroin Intervention in Indiana

Heroin addiction is rising in Indiana

Heroin is a drug that produces a euphoric feeling in people that use it, and it also relieves pain, producing an analgesic effect. It is also highly addictive and can be devastating to the user. Serious complications have resulted from using it, including death. If a loved one in the family is suspected, or known to have an addiction such as this, then finding a facility for heroin intervention in Indiana is necessary to begin a treatment program for the loved one. It may not be an easy step to take, but it is one that can save the life of the loved one, and prevent further heartache to the family.

A loved one buying from drug dealers may not be aware of what exactly is mixed with the heroin. Some dealers add substances such as starch, or milk powder so they can gain more profit from selling the drug. This can increase the possibility of death: Indiana University on Heroin

A loved one can be either injecting themselves with the heroin, or smoking it. Long term use of heroin can increase the chances for liver disease, infection of the heart lining and valves, and other complications as mentioned in this factline by IPRC on heroin: Indiana Prevention Resource Center

Knowing the serious complications that using heroin can lead to, it is therefore necessary that a concerned family take immediate action to help their loved one. Finding a treatment program early is the best possible solution. Working together with an interventionist can steer a loved one in the right direction. There are programs to help with all types of addiction, including heroin. It can involve counseling within a group setting, or the loved one might want to do the counseling one-on-one with a specialist. This usually starts this way until the loved one feels more relaxed and wants the family involved in the sessions. Regardless of which treatment option is offered, interventionists will work with the family from start to finish to assure successful completion of treatment.

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Heroin Addict Excuses

  • Treatment is to expensive
  • Still enjoy using the drug - I'm still in control
  • Withdrawl will affect my job
  • Insurance will not cover treatment
  • What will people say if they find out
  • I do not know what to do
  • I have to much to do right now

Why Interventions?

Interventions do help the person address that his/her addiction is causing problems, however this is the easy part. The hardest part is to teach the family about addiction and how come together. This usually helps with a longer lasting results. Once a person comes home from rehab Then What?. The family went back to their routine and so will the addict. But if the family changes so will the addict.

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