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Indiana Outpatient Treatment Center

Heartland Recovery Center -
Individualized Outpatient Treatment

Redesigning Outpatient Recovery - One size does not fit all. Finding and practicing a unique and individualized recovery path can mean the difference between a temporary fix and truly changing.

Sober Solutions a treatment center finding company.
Sober Solutions

Sober Solutions is a company that dedicate their time helping you find the best treatment center that fits your needs. Think of it as a one stop shop. You call, they listen and the will find you the treatment center. They will almost do it all for you.

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Are you enabling?

Is your loved one an addict and you do not know how to help? Or when you bring up getting help they tell you "Yes, I have a problem I just cannot stop everything to get help, let me get some things in order." This is enabling. They are giving you hope and you wait and wait. This can go on for years.
Only are you not helping them but the physical and mental stress you are putting on yourself is also dangerous.

Why Interventions?

Interventions do help the person address that his/her addiction is causing problems, however this is the easy part. The hardest part is to teach the family about addiction and how come together. This usually helps with a longer lasting results. Once a person comes home from rehab Then What?. The family went back to their routine and so will the addict. But if the family changes so will the addict.

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