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Continuum of Care

In recent years, our nation has started to view addiction differently than it has in the past. Addiction is no longer seen as a 30 day “cure.” In order to give your loved one the best changes for long-lasting sobriety, a Continuum of Care plan needs to be set in place. When choosing an intervention service provider, a family must look at companies that deliver a system of continuum of care from start to finish. Continuum of Care for drug and alcohol addiction treatment includes these services:

Treatment: Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction comes in many different forms found all over the country. A majority of treatment programs are done within 30 days; however, some treatment programs can go up to 90 days. It’s critical to learn about the different types of treatment programs to pick the best one for your loved one.

Family Reintegration: When a loved one comes out of treatment, many families do not adapt to their loved one’s new life of sobriety. This causes many clients to relapse. To give loved ones the best chance of long-term sobriety, families must adjust their lives to their loved one’s new lives and give them the support system they need.

Sober Coach: Also known as a Sober Companion, Sober Coaches help clients maintain abstinence from addiction. Sober Coaches also help clients build normal routines in their own environment to give them a longer chance for sobriety. To help with someone’s Continuum of Care, some Sober Coaches will follow-up with their partner for a year and/or motor them for drug/alcohol use. Tasks for Sober Coaches vary from case to case but they have an overall goal – to keep their client sober.

Sober Housing: Sober Living housing is where clients reside after residential treatment. Forms of Sober Living vary, but it is where a client goes to begin the process of reintegration into society. To get into a Sober Living house, a client must be referred in by a treatment center.

Only a small amount of intervention services providers are recognized nationally as a Continuum of Care provider and we are one of them. We believe that finding and creating the proper Continuum of Care path is just as important as finding the perfect treatment center. We understand that it is not easy to create a detailed path of recovery. Let us help create that path for you and your loved one.

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Relapse Stats:

  • Up to 50% of those who make it through an addiction treatment program will later relapse.
  • Aftercare services may include one-on-one counseling sessions for spouses, parents, partners and children. Group therapy meetings, as well as educational meetings about co-occurring disorders and addiction, providing important resources and support for families.
  • Relapse can happen if dual diagnosis is not treated.

Why Interventions?

Interventions do help the person address that his/her addiction is causing problems, however this is the easy part. The hardest part is to teach the family about addiction and how come together. This usually helps with a longer lasting results. Once a person comes home from rehab Then What?. The family went back to their routine and so will the addict. But if the family changes so will the addict.